Find The Best Basement Toilet System For Your Needs

Searching for the right basement toilet system to suit your needs can be a challenging without some guidance. Not all products are created with the same purpose or audience in mind, so it’s crucial to know what you’re searching for.

We’ve tested over 100 products, and below are our recommendations for the best basement toilet system for different purposes.

ImageProduct NameAction
Sanimove 700watt Macerating Toilet with PumpSanimove 700watt Macerating Toilet with Pump
700watt Macerating Upflush Toilet, Two Piece700watt Macerating Upflush Toilet, Two Piece
Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet KitSaniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit
Simple Project 600 Watt Macerating ToiletSimple Project 600 Watt Macerating Toilet
SANIFLO Sanicompact - Dual-flush System -SANIFLO Sanicompact – Dual-flush System –

Top 10 Basement Toilet System Reviews

We found many reviews when researching. We have considered user feedback on the best basement toilet system and our suggestions include only the finest of them in this article.

Sanimove 700Watt Macerating Toilet With Pump

Sanimove 700watt Macerating Toilet with Pump image
  • 🚽Macerating Pump Toilet :Sanimove 700watt Macerating Toilet with Pump with Extension Pipe Round Bowl and Toilet Tank 3 Piece of Upflush Toilet System for Basement Room.A set to solve your installation problems, convenient and fast, you could Install a bathroom wherever you please without breaking up the floor
  • 🚽 Low Noise and No-clogging:Upgrade Model 700Watt, 9/10 HP strong electric motor and copper wires inside, with a low noise and stainless steel non clog blades.This toilet macerator pump performing its job at high standards to flush all the waste away with its strong power.
  • 🚽Upflush Toilet System: 4 water inlets As this toilet has 4 water inlet that is one inlet more than any other traditional macerator pump for added benefit and it providing the capabilities of attaching both a sink, shower room, urinal/ bidet and a toilet. If you do not want to use all three entries, close the remaining entries with the caps included. You can now place a new bathroom anywhere you want, without concerns about plumbing or the structure of your house
  • 🚽Hassle-free Pumping:Macerator Toilet is Convenient and economical, you can install anywhere without worrying about low water pressure.The unit can pump the effluent upward to 29.5 feet and 328 feet horizontally which make it a must for basement room or old house with narrow pipelines
  • 🚽Easy to Install:For this macerating pump, we left 3 inlets for wastewater from shower,laundry and sink. Plugs for them are provided if they are not used. As for the installation place,you can install it behind the toilet or behind the wall as your different need. hough the whole installation process is farely easy, we would recommend you to watch the video before you start to install it
  • 😊Customer Support:2-Year Warranty. always deliveried quality product and responsible service to our customer, if you have any queries, Please feel free to email us, we will be response wthin 12 hours

700Watt Macerating Upflush Toilet, Two Piece

700watt Macerating Upflush Toilet, Two Piece image
  • 700WATT POWERFUL MACERATOR PUMP– It’s 9/10 HP pump is a proven performer that can pump the waste vertically to 29ft or horizontally to 328ft.
  • MORE CONNECTIONS– This system has a powerful macerating pump that has 4 inlet valves that allow you to not only pump waste from the toilet but also from the kitchen, sink and shower or a bathtub as well. The pump is 120 volts and plugs into any standard outlet.
  • EASY TO CLEAN — With the smooth nano-glaze ceramic and the no-clog design that minimizes waste from sticking to the ceramic.
  • EXTENSION PIPEINCLUDED– Thanks to the flexibility of installation for this pump. The entire macerator can be placed on the other side of a wall, with the plumbing going through the wall. This allows you to save space and eliminate clutter in your basement bathroom

Saniflo Saniplus: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit image
  • BENEFIT : Install a bathroom anywhere without breaking up the floor!
  • KIT INCLUDES : SaniPLUS macerating bathroom pump + White toilet bowl (standard) + White toilet tank (Saniflo UPC#s 002, 003 and 005)
  • OPTIONS : For Elongated bowl and Extension pipe for behind wall installation, please see our other listings.
  • SHIPPING : Exclusive FREE same day shipping with UPS (receive in just 2-3 business days)
  • We guarantee our product is professionally foam packaged direct from warehouse for safe delivery

Simple Project 600 Watt Macerating Toilet

Simple Project 600 Watt Macerating Toilet image
  • Choose Simple Project Macerating Toilet To Create A High-end Quality Home For You!
  • 【 Macerating Toilet System 】This macerating toilet has a powerful 600w motor, upflush toilet system can pump the effluent upward to 22.9 feet and 229 feet, you can now place a new bathroom anywhere you want, without concerns about plumbing or the structure of your house.
  • 【 AC Vent 】The macerator pump has a vent with activated carbon filter, you can choose to use activated carbon cotton block or install a ventilation pipe to connect to the ventilation system at home to purify the air in the pump, which will help reduce the odor after going to the toilet and improve the overall comfort.
  • 【 4 Water Inlets 】The toilet with pump for basement discharge foul water water from a variety of other sanitary fixtures, so that you can install it to your bathroom, washer, sink, and macerating toilet system all together by one macerator pump.
  • 【Easy Installation】 Installation of our upflush toilet for basement is simple,as you do not have to break the floor to install any pipe. hough the whole installation process is farely easy, we recommend to ask a licensed plumber for help.
  • 【Excellent Customer Support】3-Year Warranty.Please contact us directly if you have any questions when you received the macerating toilet system or installations upflow toilet system,and we will be help you to solve the issue within 24 hours.

Saniflo Sanicompact – Dual-Flush System –

SANIFLO Sanicompact - Dual-flush System - image
  • BONUS HALF BATH: The Sanicompact is a self-contained dual-flush toilet system used to install a half bathroom up to 9 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack. For residential use only.
  • DUAL PURPOSE: The Sanicompact will also discharge gray water from a sink. The wastewater drains into a 1.25” hose connection in back of the toilet.
  • EFFICIENCY AT ITS FINEST: The standard dual flush version uses 1.28 gpf or 1 gpf and uses less water than any regular toilet but with the same efficiency. The push button activates a timer and a solenoid valve in order to fill and wash the bowl.
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Motor: 0.5 HP oil-filled thermally protected; Noise level ≤ 53 dBA (Lp) (measured at 3 ft.); Discharge rate at 9 ft: 24 GPM; Certification code: CSA (IPC, NSPC); Connections: Sink
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: All of Saniflo’s products have a 2 year warranty with purchase, and an extended year with registration. Our warranty program can offer peace of mind, should a problem arise.
  • SERVICE CENTER based in the US

Simple Project Upflush Toilet For Basement

Simple Project Upflush Toilet For Basement image
  • If you want to change the old bathroom or you want to install a toilet in the basement / a loft / attic, upper floor, ground floor, and even a garage, simple project macerating toilet is your best choice!!!
  • 【 Powerful Macerator Pump 】 A powerful 600 watts macerator pump with double flush system design, strong momentum, a low noise and equipment stainless steel non clog blades, upflush toilet for basement can pump the effluent upward to 22.9 feet and 229 feet,you’ll expereicne the best of the best when it comes with flushing and processing of waste.
  • 【 Ventilation System 】The exhaust outlet of the basement toilet pump system adopts adsorptive activated carbon, which has good sealing performance and can effectively remove the odor. if activated carbon is not used, macerator pump the vent can be connected to the ventilation pipe system of the family.
  • 【4 Water Inlets】This newly upgraded 600W macerator pump toilet has one more water inlet than other traditional immersion pumps. This macerator pump basement has 4 water inlets and can be connected to drains in other places, It is a good helper for sewage treatment.
  • 【 Easy To Install】 Macerating toilet are quick and easy to install without having to retool the sewer system, which make basement toilet pump system a must for basement or old house with narrow pipelines, and despite the simplicity of installation, we would recommend our customers to ask a licensed plumber to install this product.
  • 【Excellent Customer Support】3-Year Warranty.Please contact us directly if you have any questions when you received the macerating toilet system or installations upflow toilet system,and we will be help you to solve the issue within 24 hours.

Superflo Upflush Toilet 600W Macerating Toilet

SUPERFLO Upflush Toilet 600W Macerating Toilet image
  • 【Powerful Crushing】 The advanced 600w Macerating pump is equipped with a sharp & first class agitator motor and ultra-fine blades for fast shredding and waste disposal.
  • 【Wide Application】Upflush toilet for basement designed to extract waste from toilets, showers, kitchen sinks, and or washing machines, power flush toilets are also ideal for basements or other areas where the toilet is below the main line.
  • 【Pumping Distance】Wastewater from the toilet, sink or bathtub automatically activates the crushing of the 600W pump in our top flush toilet system and is pumped to V32.8 and H263 feet, suitable for homes with low water pressure, narrow pipes or basements.
  • 【Easy Installation & Clean】The installation process does not require cutting concrete at all, which makes it even easier. In addition, a glazed material is used and this smooth surface allows your toilet to be kept clean with just a few brush strokes, without the need for excessive scrubbing.
  • 【Complete Accessories】You will get the 600w toilet pump, rear outlet toilet, toilet lid, tank and extension tube. So you don’t need to buy different parts separately. PS: you will get 3 elbows for connecting the outlet (32mm, 40mm, 38mm) + 2 sleeves for connecting the side inlets (40mm, 46mm) + 4 stainless steel clips for the sleeves and outlet elbows + 2 stainless steel screws for the floor fittings + 2 plugs for the inlets.

Superflo Upflush Toilet For Basement –

SUPERFLO Upflush Toilet for Basement - image
  • A Upflush Toilet For Basement Helps You To Solve The Problem Of Transferring Waste Uphill To The Sewer When You Install A Bathroom In A Basement Or At The Bottom Of A Slope, SUPERFLO Macerating Toilet Is Your Best Choice!!!
  • 【 Macerating Toilet System 】 The Macerator Toilet Is Not Restricted By The Effluent Point, The Unit Can Pump The Effluent Upward To 26 Feet And 262 Feet Horizontally. Don’t Worry About Water Pressure, Which Make It A Must For Basement Or Old House With Narrow Pipelines.
  • 【4 Water Inlets】 For This Powerful Macerator Pump, We Left 4 Inlets For Wastewater From Macerating Toilet, Shower,laundry And Sink. Toilet With Pump For Basement Provides You With An Ideal Drainage Scheme, Meet Your Multiple Needs. Plugs For Them Are Provided If They Are Not Used.
  • 【 Easy Installation 】 You Can Install The Macerating Toilet At Any Location Without Worrying About The Water Pressure And Piping Problems. The Upflush Toilet System Installation Process Is Quite Easy As You Do Not Have To Break The Floor To Install Any Pipe. Although The Installation Is Fairly Simple, We Recommend Our Customer To Ask A Licensed Plumber To Install This Upflow Toilet System.
  • 【 Ventilation System 】 The Exhaust Outlet Of The Basement Toilet Pump System Adopts Adsorptive Activated Carbon, Which Has Good Sealing Performance And Can Effectively Remove The Odor. If Activated Carbon Is Not Used, Upflush Toilet System The Vent Can Be Connected To The Ventilation Pipe System Of The Family.
  • 【 Excellent Customer Support】1-year Warranty. Please Contact Us Directly If You Have Any Questions When You Received The Macerating Toilet Or Installations Upflush Toilet System,and We Will Be Help You To Solve The Issue Within 24 Hours.

Macerating Toilet With 500Watt Macerator Pump,

Macerating Toilet with 500watt Macerator Pump, image
  • 【3-5 Days Fast Delivery】:We are ship from US, 4-6 Business Days Fast Delivery by UPS / USPS / Fedex/DHL from our USA Warehouse(CA/NJ), Fast Delivery, We provides an 30-day refund policy and lifetime customer support. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.
  • POWERFUL MACERATOR PUMP SYSTEM– Constructed with a 3/4 HP pump system used to install a complete bathroom up to 22.9 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 229 feet away from a soil stack. It incorporates a grinder system which is ideal for uncontrolled environments in both residential and commercial applications, especially for the basement room(ie. rental unit, offices, warehouses, etc).
  • 4 WATER INLETS SEWERAGE PUMP– The Sanimove macerating toilet with the pump discharge gray water from a variety of other sanitary fixtures such as: a sink, a bathtub/shower, a urinal and even a washing machine (indirect connection) A non-return valve (included in assembly) prevents back flow into the unit.
  • LESS CONSUMPTION & EASY INSTALLATION– This toilet effectively evacuates waste with just 1.28 gallon per flush! You can install this macerating toilet with little effort, even if you are not a professional plumber.
  • QUIET DUAL FLUSHING TOILET SYSTEM — It runs in a relatively quiet operating sound, using both raw water and pressure water flush to function optimally. And the slow close toilet seat with the extension pipe which helps you to hide the pump behind the wall included in the package means that no more noise flushing in midnight.
  • RELIABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE– Please contact us directly if you have any questions when you received the package or need any help with installations. 1 year manufacturer warranty for replacement. 2 year manufacturer warranty for repair and we will be help you to solve the issue within 24 hours.

Upflow Toilet System Of 600W Macerator

Upflow toilet system of 600W Macerator image
  • [Wide Applicability] Waste from toilet, sink or bathtub would activate the powerful crushing of the water pump. Connection from washing machine and sink to this macerator pump is optional.
  • [Noise Reduction Tech] Its powerful engine and reamer can effectively treat bathroom waste. With precise assembly, the macerator pump basement runs at 45-50 dB, similar to conversation in the office.
  • [AC Ventilation] AC outlet is optional, allowing you to connect the upflush toilet system to your existing ventilation via the vent on top of the macerator pump, reducing odor after toilet time.
  • [Easy Installation]Without large-scale construction or damaging floor, wall or water pipe, installation of our upflow toilet system is simple. However, we recommend to ask a licensed plumber for help.
  • [Reliable Customer Service]  Our after-sevice team are always here providing reliable after-sales service. Please keep us informed of your concerns.

A Beginner’s Guide to Selecting the Right Basement Toilet System

Not necessarily have to be a master of that particular product for purchasing only. Just you need to focus on some important things that we are going to discuss below. Taking those simple considerations into account may make your buying experience more pleasant and straightforward. Let’s begin-

Know Your Needs

The first step is to determine your needs or requirements. If you aren’t aware of your needs, there’s a big chance you’ll spend a lot of money on the wrong things at the wrong time.

So, first and foremost, we recommend that you carefully consider your requirements for the best basement toilet system. Make a short list of your requirements. This simple task will lead you to simplify your purchasing process. Because you will then understand what you should prioritize and what you should not.

Budget Vs Price

Budget is one of the most important issues to think about before you decide to buy anything. Producers and sellers can set any amount of price on your desired product. That depends on raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and other operational costs, and most importantly on their brand value as well.

The higher quality you demand, the higher amount of money you may have to spend for that. That is the cause, why budget matters so much.

There is a popular proverb in our society, “Cut your coat, according to your cloth”. First, take your wishlist on your hand and search for those products on the internet. Analyze the features and prices carefully. Compare them well and choose the best one.

Now ask yourself whether you are capable enough to buy that particular product or not. If the answer is yes, then go for it. But if not, then remember, you always have the second-best option to choose yet.

Select the Correct Brand

Because of our emotional attachments, we are frequently predisposed toward certain brands. This practice produces positive results at times and negative results at other times.

However, there is no way to argue against the idea of relying on well-known brands. Because having enough cash in your pocket makes making decisions half as easy. But keep in mind that not all brands are suitable for all applications.

As a result, you must be extremely cautious while selecting the proper brand for your unique product.

There are a few tips that may come adjuvant for both of you at the time of choosing the right brand for the right product.

  • Make sure in this case that you are well-versed in the brand.
  • Whatever the public is trying to say about this brand.
  • Analysis of the reviews of any specific products of that brand.
  • Make a comparison of the features with others.
  • Are those features sufficient for your needs?

Check the Features Section

You should check the features of the product first while purchasing it, no matter it is online or offline. If you want a clear idea about the product, then this is the best way. You will easily feel that your chosen product is capable enough to meet your demands or not.

The features section also assists us in quickly determining differences from others. The attributes can then be compared to similar items. One will gain a better understanding of quality as a result of this work, which will make it easier for us to reach a final decision.

Check the Merits and Disadvantages

Every product has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Before buying any product it’s your responsibility to check out all things carefully. So be calm and figure out the drawbacks that you expected from basement toilet system. Perhaps another manufacturer created the ideal one for you. Just don’t be too lazy to compare with them before you make the final move.

Quality and Endurance

Color, Style, Performance, Materials, and, most importantly, Durability are all aspects of quality. Before making a purchase, you must consider the facts about ensuring quality. We think you are actually paying the money for this. Does this basement toilet system worthy or not against your investment? It completely depends on the quality that you are going to experience.

Warranties and Return Policies

Warranty, guarantee and return policies are those facts that you should never ignore even by mistake. No matter how quality the product is claimed, nobody can say that nothing will happen. Nothing is guaranteed to last forever. But you can expect at least a minimum return of value from the best product that you invested for.

Therefore, you should always be careful about checking policies. You will get some hidden and obscure policies sometimes which are hard to understand by going through their words only.

In that case, don’t buy anything until you get the whole thing unequivocally and be clear about every single issue of the policy.

Checking FAQs and Customer Reviews

Your time is precious and checking FAQ answers and customer reviews can save it hugely. On the other hand, you will get a real-life experience through the customer reviews in which they share their stories about the product.

By checking out those two things, you can get a clear idea of both. You may find there such information which might not come to your mind to ask if you didn’t go through. Then you will be able to decide strongly whether buying basement toilet system will be worth or not.

Last Statement

Since reader satisfaction is our utmost priority, we have a final layer of filtration. And that is you, the reader!
After reading this article, we hope you have found your desired basement toilet system.

If you find any featured here Incorrect, irrelevant, not up to the mark, or simply outdated, please let us know. Your feedback is always welcome and we’ll try to promptly correct our list as per your reasonable suggestion.