Manual Winch Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best One

Today, we will talk about the manual winch, the tool that is your best ally when you need that extra force.

The manual winch is a concept of portable physics, a lever at its best. It is the most efficient and practical equipment on the market when it comes to loading suspension, whatever it is. But if your operation is simple, choosing a model may not be so easy. Therefore, Our manual winch buying guide will help you find the ideal model.

First, the most important

  • The vast majority of manual hook models are operated by a crank or lever.
  • The two most common types of winch pull conductors are metal rope and strap.
  • The manual winch is also known as a “hand winch or pull winch”. Use these words in your searches if you can’t find enough models.

The Best Manual Winches: Our Suggestions

We have put together, in the exclusive list below, the best manual winch models on the market. The articles were evaluated based on their components, their material and mainly their capacity, in addition, of course, their cost-benefit ratio.

Manual winch for large operations

With all the Vonder quality, this model of manual winch is the most suitable for large operations, with a capacity of 3.2 tons and a steel cable of 16 mm in diameter and 20 meters in length. Ideal for dragging and moving cargo, it comes with a metal handle for easy transport.

The manual winch for up to 4 tons

The EDA Importer model has a great cost-benefit, with a slightly lower value than the market, and the ability to lift up to four tons. Handled with a 50cm long lever and ribbed handle, it also comes with a 1.5m cable and a 5.5mm diameter.

Great value for the price

The model sold by Lee Tools is more modest and supports dragging “only” 540 kg. But it is worth the investment for the cost-benefit, a ratchet model, with a nine-meter-long (4.5 mm diameter) steel cable, hook and safety claw also in steel and easy handling by a crank.

Shopping guide

Moving things (objects, loads, etc.) has always been a challenge in human history. However, if before the obstacle was technological, today it is about resources, about money to buy machines to do the work at the time that you can expect from this type of device to solve your problem.

The manual winch is the solution for these modern impasses, an accessible, practical and versatile tool to face the challenges of today. However, as we are talking about tons, there is little care. In this Shopping Guide, we will give you the information you need to choose the ideal and safest model.

The manual winch is a practical and accessible tool.

Buying Criteria: How To Choose The Best Manual Winch

Best Manual Winch

Now for another list, this time the purchase criteria, which are elements, elements of the product and characteristics of its use, must be taken into account before consolidating your choice.

  • Loading capacity
  • Cable length
  • Control ability
  • Cost-benefit
  • Ratchet
  • Towing capacity
  • Mounting

We will detail each of the items below so that you have as much information as possible at the time of your purchase.

Loading Capacity

The load capacity of a winch is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects, the load capacity will determine which is the step that can support or that can drag this type of device.

This is very important because forcing it to carry a higher weight than it supports may break the cable, the maximum capacity is always expressed in kilograms or tonnes, so when buying a device of this make sure to pay attention to the load capacity.

The manual models have a load capacity between 2 tons, in addition, there are other models that can even move and lift trucks with a load capacity greater than 10 tons.

The load capacity is specified in each model of the manual winch, what I recommend is to have an estimate of the capacity you need according to the activities to be carried out or objects to be lifted; make it at least 2 tons.

Cable Length

The length of the cable of a manual winch is important, many of these are included in the machine as such. However, knowing the length of this will facilitate the choice, the size of the cable will influence the power or force that can be applied when dragging objects.

If the cable is logically very long, it will lose the percentage of capacity, because in each turn around the place where the manual winch is wound it will lose strength.

Likewise, a cable of this length could get tangled in the drum and cause it to jam, logically damaging the equipment. What is recommended is to buy a manual winch where the cable has an approximate length of 8 and 15 meters. However, this will depend on your needs.

Control Ability

Each winch model has different controllability. Many of them have a button that allows the machine to be placed on the ground and that it releases the cable or wraps it to drag the object or shit. However, this type of winch has a certain disadvantage, since the button is located near the motor, so the user must remain standing near it while raising the equipment.

On the other hand, there are those winches that have a remote control system, that is, a control that allows it to be connected at a certain distance without having to be connected to a cable.

The advantage of this type of system is that the mechanism can be operated at a safe distance and avoid any type of injury that breaks the cable. This system is perfect when the load to be used is very heavy.

We recommend that for safety reasons, you buy a model that also has a brake system, in order to immobilize the winch when it is not working. The cable will not develop without unlocking said mechanism.

Manual Winch


Remember that a manual winch is a multipurpose tool, and you never know what you will have to lift or drag.

The idea here is to go after the most profitable one. And what better benefit of a manual winch than heavyweight? There are many models that exceed the two, three-ton mark and are very affordable.

However, ideally, the weight the model supports meets your needs, even more so if it is priced well. Look at the value, sometimes you pay little difference between a 2- or 4-ton support model. Remember that a manual winch is a multipurpose tool, and you never know what you will have to lift or drag.


The ratchet criterion is simple, even eliminatory. In simple terms, the ratchet is a support for the cable reel or strap, the mechanism that ensures that the cable wraps around the reel smoothly.

Therefore, give preference to models with a ratchet, which will only improve its operation. If possible, look for models with double or triple pawls.

The ratchet will support the best movement of the cable or strap on your winch reel.

Towing Capacity

The ability to drag will break down depending on the function and object to be dragged. A manual winch allows you to pull a product or object, what you must take into consideration when taking this characteristic into account is that the greater the towing capacity, the greater the demands that the product generates.

Within the market, you can choose between simple drug products, which are the most common that would be the typical ones such as pulling an all-terrain vehicle out of the mud or carrying light loads of about 1,500 kilos.

This type of winch model is designed not to overcharge the vehicle’s battery, as well as to adjust its elements.


The manual winch on the front of a car is an aspect that should be considered before buying a manual winch, you must pay attention to the way it is attached to the car or object to be moved among others.

If you are looking for an all-terrain winch you must make sure that it has all the necessary tools, that is, those to be able to install the device in a correct way.

The manual winch is usually installed in the front or rear of the vehicle. Make sure that said assembly is safe and resistant, in order not to take risks with respect to its detachment.

Top 5 Recommendations On Manual Winch

Finding a manual winch is not that simple, so in the next section we bring you some excellent 5 recommendations so you can choose the one you like the most:

TR Industrial Trailer Winch

TR winch with a gripping capacity of 1200 lb. It has a 4: 1:1 gear ratio and 2-way pawl and a perfect speed to drag heavy objects without problems.

Made of resistant materials, it is a solid device with a black-coated finish. With precise adjustment of the gear teeth. It is recommended to be incorporated into ATVs, boats and trailers so that you can move the load properly.


  • 1200 lb load capacity
  • Two-Way
  • Single gear
  • Pre-installed Strap with Hook

Kinbelle Dual Gear Hand Winch 

Winch with a maximum load capacity of 3500 lb, made of materials of Heavy duty steel body, zinc plated; hardened steel gears, stability, robustness and durability. The strap is made of Nylon webbed strap, high strength and super durable.

Ideal for use in boat, trailer, truck and auto, the gears are strong and flexible, to ensure a safe and stable load.


  • Maximum load of 3500 lb
  • 7m/ 22.96 ft/ 275.59 INCH long hook
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • insurance
  • Resistant
  • Use for boat, trailer, truck and auto

Yiyiby professional winch, 10m, with wire rope, pulling force up to 1500kg

Yiyib brand winch is ideal for pulling cars, caravans and trailers. Its design is robust and resistant to corrosive materials. It is made with high-quality materials and its design is unique and incomparable.

It has a practical stable hook to carry out dragging activities. The cable is extra long, approximately 10 meters with a force of 1500 kg. Stable hook, easy to fix and practical to use.


  • 1500 kg of load capacity
  • 10-meter cable
  • Robust and resistant design
  • Drag car and trailers

Sealey GWW1200M Manual Winch (Corded, 540kg Capacity, Includes Braided Webbing)

Constructed entirely of rugged steel with a hardened chassis layer. It has a mechanism with only one wheel to facilitate its handling, it includes a manual brake to avoid any risk or accident that may be caused by dragging an object.

Perfect to carry out work that is forced or rescue among others. In addition, the package includes a braid or rescue cable of 7 meters.


  • Easy to use
  • Manual brake
  • A wheel
  • 7-meter rescue cable
  • Used for rescues

Kanirope – Manual Winch (1500 kg, 10 m), Black Color

It is a product that can be paid in four installments, a winch made of wire cable with a length of 10 meters. 1500 kg load capacity, it has a robust, high-quality and resistant tell-tale.

Galvanized and resistant to any type of corrosion, the crank is foolishly manual with great power, easy to use and simple to pull. It has a stable hook easy to install, ideal for pulling cars, trailers and caravans.


  • 1500g load capacity
  • Stable hook
  • Resistant
  • Strong
  • Used to load car and trailers

What is the manual winch and what is it for

The manual winch, also called hand winch, is a tool that uses the physical concept of the lever, which serves as a fixed point to multiply the mechanical force applied by the person who operates it.

The multiplied force, which is applied by a lever (object) or crank, is used to lift, tow, and drag heavy objects and loads, as most models support the weight of at least one ton.

The manual winch is widely used in towing vehicles of various modes, especially cars and stuck boating, and in the support for carrying loads, hoisting and moving them to and from trucks, cargo ships and other types of transportation.

The manual winch is very useful for loading and unloading trucks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the manual winch

Before hoisting and towing, it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages of the manual winch. Among the advantages, the first, and the most obvious, is the ability to move objects that are simply impossible to carry with your hands.

It is an extremely versatile tool and can be used for different types of objects.

Another advantage is its practicality since it is completely analog and uses a simple principle like the lever. Finally, it is an extremely versatile tool, which can be used for different types of objects, in different configurations and angles, from lifting a barrel to devastating a car, for example.

On the other hand, among the disadvantages, stands out the fact that, although it is very practical, the manual winch requires physically, when turning the crank or pulling its lever.

Another negative point is the cables, whose sizes and materials are not standardized, and may not satisfy your needs at any given time, either in resistance or in length.


  • Movement of very heavy loads
  • Practicality
  • Versatility


  • Physical requirement
  • Non-standard cables

Manual winch with lever or crank

A basic variety of the hand winch that you will find in your research is the mechanism that applies mechanical force, that is, the part that drives to make the tool work.

There are manual winches that use levers, which are nothing more than rods about 50 cm long, with handles at the end. To “operate” them, you must push and pull repeatedly.

The other mechanism is the good crank, which needs no introduction, but which is smaller than the lever rod. There are models with different characteristics, but manual winches with cranks tend to have a lower capacity.

SizesAbout 50 cmAbout 20 cm
Supported weightStrongMeans, medium

Manual winch with cable or strap

Another common variety in manual winches is the traction conductor used, the “cable” that connects to the hook, which in turn is attached to the object that needs to be moved or lifted.

There are models that use a metal cable, most of the time made of steel, and those that use the so-called strap, which is a tape made of synthetic material, usually nylon, and sometimes with elastic properties.

As you might expect, there are practical differences in the use of these leads, although the operation is the same, as they are wound and unwound on the winch reels.

The cable models are more resistant and support a greater weight. They are used to move large loads, and mainly to lift them. Straps, in turn, are used more in so-called drag models, common in car trailer situations.

WeightStrongMeans, medium

How much does the manual winch cost

Most manual winch models have a small price range, generally between $30 and $80, but some professional models can reach up to $200.

What will most influence the value of the model is the weight it supports, the material, the quality and the size of the cable, in addition to the presence of the cable itself, the reel ratchet and the handling between the lever or the crank.

Where to buy the manual winch

Because it is a relatively low-cost product to the seller, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a manual winch in hardware stores, mechanics stores, and even construction stores.

However, for a greater variety of models and prices, the ideal is to look for online stores such as Amazon. In addition to the best deal, these sites give you the ability to research and shop from the comfort of your home.

It is always worth emphasizing the importance of wearing safety equipment when working with heavy loads. A good glove is also essential equipment for using a winch.