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Happiest of Birthdays

Tomorrow is my birthday. [photo credit]

I took the day off.

I'll be getting my hair cut and making a much-needed visit to Gap Outlet.

I'll be stopping at my favorite spots in one of my favorite towns.

Getting a homemade ice cream cone.

And having lunch with my husband on his break.

I'm quite sure this is going to be the best birthday yet.

Because I'm aware I'm already spoiled. So spoiled.

And this year? I'm taking my favorite gift with me everywhere. At 10 1/2 weeks of life, vital organs are formed, and little peach fuzz hair and finger and toe nails growing.

I'm already sporting a bit of a bump. I was surprised- about it showing up so soon, and to find that it made me gush with amazement over what is happening.

It's really happening, People. The beginning of the mish-mosh of a family I've dreamed about.

I'm going to be a mama.

My best bud, lover, and fellow adventurer is going to be a daddy.

Can you believe this?

Some days I hardly can. I get Tim's attention and say, "Guess what? I'm pregnant!" on a regular basis.

I just couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer.

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE AYE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM BEYOND THRILLED (and I barely even know you!!!). Oh, Sarah, this just MADE MY WEEK.
    What a GIFT!!!!!
    So happy…
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! (and now I stop before I am arrested by the grammer police for majorly overusing capital letters and exclaimation points!)


  3. Officially my favorite post yet. My heart is exploding for you. Praise God for this new little life- and for creating you to be the ideal momma for him/her. I love you, sister-friend!

  4. Congratulations! One of my bets friends and her husband just had their first child. It is an exciting time of growth and new adventures ^_^

  5. This made me teary-eyed and made me do another happy dance for you :) I love you!

  6. i am SO HAPPY for you. SO HAPPY. i remember those days so freshly. i totally did that to matt, too. and would stand in the mirror pushing out my belly as far as possible & call him in….”isn’t it CUTE?!” =) enjoy, my friend. sweet, little life growing inside of you. what a treasure, gift, blessing!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!


  9. Best wishes and happy birthday “0). We are both so very happy for you two. God has, and will continue to bless your family. You share so much of yourselves with those around you and our family appropriates your kind and gentle natures. Stop by whenever you have a chance. Its always good to see you both. Again Awesome news. We will continue to pray for you both.

  10. Congratulations, my dear! What a lovely birthday present! Just the other day, I was looking at our old BCS cookbook. I read about Sarah’s (future) children loving the silly puddy and actually said a prayer for those future children. What an awesome surprise to read your good news! Now, I’m wondering if you are keeping the same girls’ names that were published in the cookbook (j & e)?

  11. What an awesome surprise seeing your comment was! Thank you so much!
    It humbles me to know that you were praying for my future children.
    Thank you for that, too:-).
    I won’t be using the same girls names. I still think they are both beautiful, but they were somewhat tied in to a huge crush I had on a boy at the time. (His name was Adam Jude= Adam and Eve, and then Jade was just replacing the “u” in Jude with the “a” of his first name.) I’d like to think I liked those names even before meeting him, but now I’m not so sure…
    And suffice it to say, I did not marry Adam, so…
    You are a wonderful and amazing woman, Mrs. C. I am so privileged to have been able to spend good, quality time with you.

  12. Ed, thank you so much! Your comment has me feeling encouraged and humbled. Tim and I love your family (and love to spend time with you), too! I hope to see you soon.

  13. Jeane’,
    Thank you so much! Your reaction had (and has!) me glowing even more. I adore all those exclamation points, by the way:-).

  14. Mazel Tov! I KNEW something was up, because of the long absence of blogging. I am sure you will be an amazing mama! Now don’t be a stranger!!

  15. Eating,
    You were right! I was just so exhausted there for awhile that doing anything “extra” (like blogging) was not going to happen. But I think I’m turning a corner, and even more excited now that I can talk about the pregnancy!

  16. YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! ;)

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