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24 Weeks

Unemployment is a little strange to me.

I think I am happiest doing homey things. I am excited about the chance to spend more time getting the house "ready" for Baby Boy's arrival, experimenting with recipes that make both my husband and I happy (this is no easy feat, but I think I did quite well last night, and I'm spurred on to keep trying) and tending our yard and garden. I get a kick out of making my husband's lunch and coffee in the morning. I feel privileged to be available for a run to a friend's house for a last-minute babysitting need, a spontaneous catch-up session on my big, comfy couch, or a long walk with a friend to take care of my body and mind (although these have been a bit tricky with the heat recently. My tolerance for high temperatures and humidity is going down, down, down.)

I spent a good chunk of time reading some great posts and articles this morning, and I feel inspired in my own writing attempts. I've been craving some inspiration, as I feel like I've dropped my writing mojo somewhere recently. Maybe I forgot that both writing more and reading makes for a better writer...writing is another thing I want to do with this gift of time I've been given recently.

The one tricky part about having all these things I want to do (of course I have a list in my proverbial back pocket; I'm a lover of lists and am hardly ever without one) is that I get tired so quickly.

Friends and family tell me to be careful about doing too much because a baby is being grown inside of me. I've discovered that I don't have much choice but to take it easy with my ever-present to-do list. It's a strange feeling to know I'm going to be actively doing so much less than I would like to on a given day.  It's a hit on my pride and a lesson that I'm still sorting out...but being Baby Boy's incubator seems to be one of my most important and honorable jobs right now.


About that baby.

-This is the first week he is considered medically viable, meaning if he were to be born now (which I'm not hoping will happen. At ALL.), he has a good chance of surviving and eventually doing well.

-He's moving! A few weeks ago, Baby Boy's movements felt like bubbles, but now? They feel like a person- like kicks, jabs, rolling around. It feels strange and miraculous at the same time. Recently, he seems to be into moving most obviously while I am eating and when I am settled down for the night.

-Baby Boy is about the length of an ear of corn, his brain is growing rapidly, and his taste buds are continuing to develop.  His skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.  (source)

-He doesn't have a name yet- any suggestions?

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  1. Awe, love the pics!
    I’ve always been partial to Will :)

  2. I love names that can be intialized!… Tim Jr.?… just sayin… T.J. would be a great moniker to carry around. T.J. Kohler would fit well as a journalist, celebrity, athlete and all the other kids would think he is way cool in school! BTW Sarah, you are lookin beautiful!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. It’s so weird to see you actually have a belly and love the updates on here.
    A friend of mine says boys names are so much harder to pick because they have to be able to fit them as a boy AND a man, where as girls names pretty much follow them easily.
    I’m always here if you need to bounce ideas off me! Hope for another update soon. They really make my day!

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