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That's an acceptable title, right? ;)

I'm still pregnant (possibly necessary disclaimer: I feel like I need to preface almost all messages with that or "I'm not in labor" until I actually am. I'm not at all trying to take anything away from anyone else.), but...

guess who's birthday is today?!

It's Katie's!

My sister and friend. (Those descriptions really aren't enough to explain who she is to me.)


She's coming into town with this guy


I am so excited!

I am a happy woman any time I get to see Katie.

Also? I'm just really excited to celebrate her. Celebrating some one's life- especially those I adore- is something that just really fills my heart up.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some preparations and major excitement to engage in.

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  1. Yay! This post made me smile!! Have a wonderful time!

  2. Happy birthday to your sister!!! Have a great celebration. Maybe it will excite you enough for me to see a BIG update after my vacation this weekend. ;)

  3. Awwe! This post is adorable! Happy Birthday to your sister and I hope you have an awesome time with her :)
    Thank you for remembering my blog even when I neglected it for a while!

  4. I was able to come in town when my sister gave birth, and I was SO glad I got to be there!! Maybe baby will come along soon… :-)

  5. Anna, I’m hoping so!

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