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Free, Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate- What’s Not to Love?

My first encounter with Equal Exchange came in the form of tiny little chocolates. They were right next to the check-out counter, and since I'm a sucker for quality chocolate, I bought some.

Upon arriving home (30 minutes from the source of my new-found chocolate), I determined I should have bought more.

I think I would have had the same thought no matter how much I had brought home with me.

I have since discovered that a lot of thought, effort, and heart went into making that chocolate. Since my first taste of my now-favorite brand of chocolate, I've done a lot of reading on fair trade products (especially chocolate- my favorite product of them all) and Equal Exchange specifically. I have fallen in love.  (This page is a good starting point if you'd like to do the same.) These are some of my favorite parts:

  • Equal Exchange buys from co-operatives of  small-scale farmers.
  • Those farmers own their land...
  • ...and choose how to invest the premiums that they are required to pay back into their own communities.
  • Equal Exchange supports organic farming. Organic certification is expensive, but is much more manageable when spread out over several farmers.
  • The chocolate is in no way produced through child slave labor. This is not the case with many chocolate companies.

I am really excited about today's giveaway. In fact, I wish I could just keep it to myself...but it is the season of giving. Especially in light of my pursuits of Christmas spirit, I should probably unclench my fists from this one.

I think you'll be so glad I did.

Ready for this?

Equal Exchange is giving away a case of 12 of their Organic Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt bars to one lucky winner.


No duplicate comments.  You can receive up to 3 total entries by selecting one or all of the following options:

1) Look around the Equal Exchange fair trade gifts store and leave a comment about a gift you'd like for yourself.

2) Look around the Equal Exchange fair trade gifts store and leave a comment about someone you know who would appreciate the mission and products of Equal Exchange. What would you put on your for-other-people wish list?

3) Leave a comment about your favorite aspect of Equal Exchange. (You can choose something written here or something you found on their own site.)

You have until this Friday, December 16th, to enter! The winner will be chosen via

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  1. I love that EE has an “educational materials” section – with some thigns for free! The books looks so interesting and it is so important for consumers to understand where their food comes from and what goes in to it being grown/transported/created.

  2. I think it goes with out saying that the only way we should eat is organic, but when you couple it with doing the right thing by providing a fair situation for the workers and everyone involved with the business. You not only get a great bar of chocolate, you receive peace of mind knowing you helped in some way even if it was small, and that is really a huge gift for such a small bar. Everyone deserves to know that feeling and should also have the opportunity to sample how much better organic/fairtrade chocolate really taste.

  3. I like the fact that they support organic farming, work with farmers and are not exploiting children. I sure would relish to have a taste of their chocolate!

  4. After checking out their site, I would surely love to try the Heart, Mind, and Soul Mug set. I just love unique mugs and tea! And I’d have to share with Tim…he said so. :)

  5. Ok, that Mini Chocolate Basket is adorable. Want.

  6. And the DDH would like the Coffee of the Month Club (that’s a good idea, actually. Hmm…).

    He sort of just goes along with me on the Fair Trade/organic stuff. It’s hard to tell how much he actually appreciates or believes in those things and how much he just humors me. BUT he does appreciate high-quality and delicious foods, and EE chocolate, at least, is definitely that! ^_^

  7. My favorite part about Equal Exchange (and ideas like them) are that they help people in need to better themselves. Rather than just passing out money for free, they help the people to start and run successful businesses that have the potential to improve the quality of life not just for that family, but for the entire community and for generations to come.

  8. I REALLY want the mind, body and soul gift set! A perfect combination!

  9. AND Eric and I try to only buy Fair Trade Coffee, so I know that Eric would LOVE the coffee of the month club. Now, I already bought him a Christmas gift, but maybe it would be perfect for a “thank you for being so amazing” gift!!

  10. I would try try the dark chocolate orange bar. The last one I tried from another company was waxy, so still looking for a good one!

  11. I would say the 5# of cocoa for DH since he doesn’t drink coffee or tea. That should last a while!

  12. I kike that EE uses pure ingredients. Some chocolates really don’t have much chocolate in them, and the taste and texture are off–too many additives. This sounds yummy!

  13. I would have to get the Chocolate and Coffee Pairing Gift for my bestest bud at work (yes, Tim, she works in the Registrar’s office so if you are looking to make friends you should get her this!). She loves chocolate and coffee and would greatly appreciate it.

  14. I would love to have the Chocolate and Coffee Pairing Gift… seriously… two of my favorite things! What could be better?!

  15. I would get the African Gift Box for my brother… I think he would love it!

  16. I agree, every one loves chocolate and when its free , well that makes it all the better so give it a try.


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