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Stuff I’m Loving Right Now

See that pretty lady next to me? That's my grandmother; I'm going to see her this Thursday!

I have a great husband. He makes me hash out what is going on in my head/heart when I am upset even though it's annoying and frustrating and (initially) causes friction between us.

I'm feeling a LOT better thanks to him, a late (for me) night spent gabbing with my friend Kelly (yup! the same Kelly I had breakfast with yesterday) after our boys went to bed, and some writing therapy.

I know I'll feel even better after a decent night's sleep, but staying up for a little heart-to-heart with someone I love was TOTALLY worth a little sleep deprivation. I would do it again.

A few  more things I'm particularly pleased about right now:

#1. Lists. Always.

#2. Coconut everything. My love has been rekindled.

#3. A new to me blog: PaleOMG. I'm not a Paleo eater, but I do like learning about/trying recipes from/ exploring different styles of eating. I also really enjoy reading about people who have found what works for them and are living it out. It's just refreshing.

#4. Going to the park with Nolan. Soon we're going to have to start hitting up different parks because  I do NOT want either of us to get bored of going.

#5. American Express is offering to reimburse cardholders $25 if they (I!) spend $25 at a participating business on Small Business Saturday. Spending money on businesses without actually spending my money? Very excited.

#6. Posts I've especially appreciated lately:

Yes, it's a Choice! (on what we choose to eat)

Open Letter #1 and Open Letter #2 about Christians and the LGBT community

How to Respectfully Ask Questions About Adoption

#7. At least TWO Thanksgiving dinners (and maybe more?) with people I love very much are happening this week!

What are you loving right now? Feel free to share links if you have them!

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  1. Thank you so much for including our letters. It’s an honor to be here.


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