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Why “Yoga for Breakfast?”

Before the existence of, I sat at a kitchen table with Stacey, attempting to articulate what I wanted the site she was planning to design for me to look like. I really didn't give her much to work with, to be sure. All this you see here? It comes from her creative mind.

The one teeny, tiny detail I did know, however, was the title: Yoga for Breakfast. I know- at first glance, it seems misleading, doesn't it? I don't really talk about yoga or breakfast all that often, even though I enjoy both thoroughly (especially when I have -ahem, take- the time to enjoy them in a relaxed manner).

But. Although I happened upon yoga purely out of curiosity 3 years ago, I have come to believe that yoga is much more than an exercise class offered in local gyms, homes, and studios. It's practice...for life. I have been told that "it" is called a yoga practice, becausepractice is what is going on. Yoga is not about "getting it right;" it is about noticing where you are, where I am, just observing, not judging, and then pushing, challenging, risking, just a little bit. Even if that means a fall.

Yoga practice has taught me about sitting in uncomfortable situations- without fidgeting, tensing, wishing away the time. (To be clear, however, there is a big difference between holding an uncomfortable pose and holding a pose that puts too much strain-and therefore injury- on a person's body. That is, there is a difference between uncomfortable and harmful situations.)

Yoga practice is about being present.

To be sure, I don't have the parts I love about yoga "down," but I want to practice those things- observing without judging but pushing just enough, sitting peacefully in uncomfortable situations, and being present- every day. Starting in the beginning. You know, with a great big bowl of yoga for breakfast.

Slightly adapted from a post published on October 6, 2010.

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  1. Oh wow – this is spot on. Yoga is SO much more than the physical postures! In fact – it is nothing without the mind and spirituality aspect. That is what yoga is about. Being happy, living a good and honest life and simply being. Living in the moment and being of service, to yourself and others.

    Simply wonderful.

  2. Many people think that yoga is just stretching or physical exercise. But while stretching is certainly involved, yoga is mental control, conscience expansion and love comprehension.

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