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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

 My makeshift home office: big comfy couch, coffee table that has been sealed so much it cannot stain, thick handmade blanket (not by me! I have very few knitting skills. My mom made it- for Tim. I regularly abduct it for my own uses).

Extra sharp cheddar toasted on two halves of an Ezekiel English Muffin + steam-in-the-microwave green beans- I cannot get over how good toasted cheese is.

Wine from Blair Vineyards with plenty of seats and glasses for sharing (we have many more than pictured!)

Relevant Magazine. I'm so excited to devour this issue cover to cover!

Your turn! What are some of your favorites these days?


Those Who Matter Don’t Mind

Tim and I had plans to go out to eat with his mom, step father, and sister last night. We hadn't made detail-by-detail plans, but I was thinking that we'd meet up at the restaurant. So upon arriving home from work, I sat down to do a little writing. I visited Hulu, chose an episode of Til Death to listen to, and worked on a fewlong-neglected chores upstairs while waited for Tim to fill me in on dinner details.

At 5:10, I heard the door unlock and then, "Everybody's here!"

Oh, no. My chest tightened a little and I scrounged for perspective while I hunted for my favorite scarf. My house was a mess. And although we moved in 3 1/2 months ago, there are still no pictures on the walls. There are area rugs to be purchased, flowers to be placed in vases. And I was not expecting company.

I had spent my Saturday on yoga and pancakes, time, and laughter  with my girls. I had made a trip to New Jersey with family to see more family. The next day, I listened to my dad preach an amazing sermon, I spent several hours with more family (all of whom I don't see often enough), then ventured off to New York City.I walked through Central Park  for the first time and then paid a visit to Redeemer Presbyterian Church (where Timothy Keller spoke. The whole experience was something that I'd really like to repeat).  Monday brought Tim's birthday and a great meal with my parents and sister. And the day after that? Well, that was last night. When my dirt was put on display.

I tied my scarf, and perspective came. I would not have traded any of those choices for time spent cleaning, organizing, or decorating.

And you know? Nobody cared that my house looked horrendous. We enjoyed every moment together. Dirt or no dirt.

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It's Starting!

Well, we're moved!
There are still boxes to unpack, rooms to arrange, and projects to finish. I ended up wearing somewhat wrinkled pants to work today. But I now live in a cute little house in a neighborhood perfect for this moment in my life. Woo-hoo!

And...Tim and I have already been given opportunities to start our new adventure! On Thursday night (or maybe it was Friday?), Tim asked me if I would mind if our friends Josh and Heather slept over. On Friday. In the midst of boxes and dust. And I didn't. As long as they were made aware of the situation they were getting themselves into, I was ecstatic.
On Saturday morning, I brewed coffee and made pancakes out of a box and turkey bacon that had been waiting to be used. It was wonderful. When I left at 11 am, there were 8 other people at my house! I was loving it and I had a hard time tearing myself away.

On Sunday, Tim and I looked around at everything that remained to be done until our house could be declared suitable for get-togethers, and we decided to have people over anyway. My dear friend, Kristin, and two of her boys set to work on my house while I was out, and when I got back, I was able to enjoy their company, actually use my kitchen thanks to them, make a simple meal of soup and grilled cheese, and welcome more guests as they arrived. Pure bliss.


Four years ago, my boyfriend was working as a construction worker, makinglots of money.

Then he proposed to me.

Then he accepted a job a youth pastor, making a lot less money.
And I jumped up and down, squealing that my dreams were coming true.

A few months ago, I decided that I couldn't take on any more commitments and do well at everything I am already signed up for.
And then we bought a house.
I'm feeling a little drained.
I'm not much of a squealer any more. I'm a planner.
I've been planning things like what kinds of pancake toppings to keep on hand and how I can keep things simple so I can have lots of people over often.
Because my dreams are coming true.

In one of my dreams, my home is a place where people come to find peace and rest. They come to get their hearts, spirits, and tummies filled up. The house is always full of the smells of something delicious cooking, and a new memory is always on the horizon.

Sometimes the food isn't fancy, because at my house, we feed everyone. Even if that means we are out of grocery money. But everyone leaves feeling loved. And full. In more ways than one.